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  Joel Embiid (Cameroon) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (Greece) are both on pace to finish in the top 5 for MVP this season. The last time 2 international players finished in the top 5 for MVP was 2007 when Dirk Nowitzki (Germany) and Steve Nash (South Africa/Canada) finished as the MVP and runner-up.


  According to Giannis is projected to finish the season 1st in MVP voting, and Embiid is projected to finish 4th in voting. Its been over a decade since we have had two international mega stars in the league at the same time.


  [–]76ersEfficientJellyfish 674 指標 11小時前

  In 10 years or so we might have some MVP races with only like 1 American in the top 5


  [–]Knicksconfuddly 701 指標 11小時前

  In 100 years we might have some MVP races with only like 2 Earthlings in the top 5


  [–]CavaliersDtktuga 206 指標 10小時前

  Nah, those martians with their reduced gravity won't hold a candle to earth athletes.


  [–]ArsenicLifeform 125 指標 10小時前

  Those aliens from Jupiter tho



  [–][BOS] Bill Russellthehippykid 157 指標 9小時前

  I heard they're a lot stupider though


  [–]SupersonicsDialectical33 104 指標 10小時前

  In 25 years all 5 will be Antetokounmpos


  [–][BOS] Ray AllenSoshi101 34 指標 9小時前

  AD, Embiid, Giannis, Simmons, Jokic and maybe Kristaps/Doncic. This seems more like in 4-5 years than 10 years. Also does Kyrie count as Aussie?


  [–][LAL] Lonzo BallCoolScales 226 指標 10小時前

  A lot of talent in the NBA is coming from overseas. Aside from these two, we also have some fantastic young players like Ben Simmons, Luka Doncic, Nikolai Jokic, and Kristaps Porzingis. RJ Barrett is another foreign player who could be the no. 1 pick in the upcoming draft.


  The NBA desperately needs a star from an asian country. I think we'd see an even bigger explosion of popularity if that were the case. They're investing in those places, so maybe the payout will come sometime within a decade. Still, it's cool that the NBA's appeal is so global.


  [–]76ersImmynimmy 207 指標 9小時前

  The NBA desperately needs a star from an asian country

  They already had one...Yao :'( Goddamn does it bother me his career was cut short.


  他们已经有过一位了……大姚。:'( 姚明的职业生涯被伤病缩短,想起来是真的让我闹心啊。

  [–][LAL] Lonzo BallCoolScales 58 指標 8小時前*

  Yeah I loved Yao even though I don’t like the rockets. Still, its been a while since the NBA has had a marquee Asian player in the league. I’m not sure who comes second after him tbh.


  [–]Kjartanthk2270 56 指標 7小時前

  Linsanity for half a season


  [–][LAL] Lonzo BallCoolScales 53 指標 7小時前

  He's asian-american. I'm talking about someone really born overseas or outside the boundaries of the US's borders.


  [–][CHO] Tony ParkerEikichirou 70 指標 8小時前

  Yall sleeping on my boi Rui Hachimura.


  [–]I_love_garlic_salt 62 指標 8小時前

  The NBA needs a Mexican star and to put the NBA on broadcast instead of cable. Lots of Mexican fans but not enough with cable to watch the 4-5 games per week on espn.


  Also you could justify a Mexican expansion team and put the guy there and basically get 100 million more fans.


  [–]Celticsrajistheman69420 307 指標 11小時前

  I had no idea Steve Nash lived in South Africa, damn.


  [–]NAD_83 330 指標 11小時前

  He was born in South Africa because his dad was playing pro soccer there at the time.


  [–]NBAzxc123zxc123 151 指標 9小時前

  Yeah. I think he identifies as Canadian so everyone who remembers tend to remember him as Canadian.

  Even has a chain of gyms in Canada which I didn't know about until I visited Canada.



  [–]LakersCheckmynewsong 36 指標 8小時前

  My dad painted a bunch of those gyms and scored me a few t-shirts. I also hooked up with his ex in undergrad. He may not know it but Steve Nash has been very good to me and my family.


  [–]NetsxxStayFly81xx 47 指標 7小時前

  You hooked up with your dad's ex?


  [–]Trail Blazersthemikesem 64 指標 11小時前

  When was the last time 2 players from different states finished in the top 5?


  [–][BOS] Mickael PietrusTheLastSecondShot 47 指標 11小時前

  Never happened


  [–][MIN] Tyus Jonespollinium 35 指標 10小時前

  idk if this is jokes but last year had Cali, Ohio, and Illinois represented


  probably every year for the past 15 have had hio from LeBron and Cali from the rest of the world. Last year had WA (IT), 2016 had NC (Steph), 2015 had NC and Illinois (Steph, AD), 2014 had DC and Oklahoma and NY (KD, Blake, Joakim)


  oh shit 2013 had no california: LeBron (Ohio), KD (DC), Melo (NY), Kobe (PA), CP3 (NC)


  [–]NBAan_drey_curent 19 指標 10小時前

  They have that immigrant mentality.


  [–][PHI] Joel EmbiidSection_80 128 指標 10小時前

  Embiid needs to be higher than 4th in MVP voting. I agree that Giannis is still in the lead... But dude we would suck on defense without Embiid. Even with Jimmy and Ben we would be no better than a .500 team.



  MavericksDirkNowitzkisWife 94 指標 10小時前

  Yeah, he’s 2nd for me right now. I feel like a guy averaging 28/13.3/3.7 on pretty good efficiency and great defense for a 15-8 team should be higher.


  [–]CelticsJaydadCTatumThe1st 86 指標 11小時前*

  Have two ESL players ever finished in the top-5?

  edit: why is this downvoted? ESL players dominating the league when the game relies so much on real-time verbal communication is a significant positive development.



  Also, I checked: it hasn't happened before. The only ESL players ever to place top-5 in MVP voting are:

  Tony Parker (5th, 2012)

  Dirk (1st, 2007; 3rd, 2006; 3rd, 2005)

  Peja (4th, 2004)

  and Hakeem (4th, 1996; 5th, 1995; 1st, 1994; 2nd, 1993; 5th, 1989; 4th, 1986)





  奥拉朱旺(第四,1996年;第五, 1995年; 第一, 1994年;第二, 1993年; 第五, 1989年; 第四, 1986年)



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